Moving on up!

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Today is my first day on my new WordPress blog!  I got advice from one of my super bloggey friends, Stephani (aka The Cheapskate Cook) that i should switch to WordPress because of all these reasons that would bore you. 😉  So here i am, hoping that my 10 loyal followers from The Chitzy Chick will choose to come with me.

I’ve already posted on the old blog today, but i do have another chintzy tidbit to share with you all too, just so you don’t feel left out.  Don’t worry, i won’t be going back to the other blog anymore, i’ll be faithful to you now.

This week at Publix they have an in ad coupon for $3 off of a box of Huggie’s diapers.  There is also a SmartSource coupon from 1/15 that is for $2 off of a Huggie’s box of diapers.

 This is my SmartSource from 11/6 (hence, the circled date), just an example.

So if you can get your hands on these two items, i have one more for you to hunt down.  I know a bunch of these were mailed out because i got one and my mother-in-law got one, but i’m not really sure how you get on this list.  If you’re not already, i would go to the website and sign up for any type of correspondence you can with Publix.

Ok, here’s the deal scenario: buy 2 boxes of Huggie’s diapers at $19.99 each.

1. Use 2 store coupons (one per box) for $3 off ($6 total off from store coupons)

2.Use 2 manufacturer coupons (one per box) for $2 off ($4 total off with manu. coupons)

3. Use your $5 off of a $30 purchase home mailed coupon from Publix.

Go, check out and look at the glorious savings on your receipt!  You just scored 2 big boxes of Huggie’s diapers for $24.98 (+ tax)!!

Now, that’s the chintzy lifestyle at it’s best! 😉

Till next time folks,


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