Get to Harris Teeter today!

This is a last minute blog post about some GREAT deals at Harris Teeter that end today whenever your store closes.

This is my score of loot today and guess how much i paid for all of this??


If you have a Harris Teeter in your town, go to any drug store, pick up 3  Sunday papers and come back and finish reading my post.

Here are the coupons you need to cut:

  1. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter –RedPlum 1/29 $.60/1   The butter is on sale for $1.59 (after coupon $.39)
  2. Knorr Rice Sides-RedPlum 1/29  $.50/2  The sides are on sale for $1.00 (after coupon $.50)
  3. Wolfgang Puck Sauce-Smartsource 1/15 (sorry this one is 2 weeks ago) $.75/1  The sauce is on sale for $2.49 (after q  $.99)
  4. Lipton Recipe Secrets-RedPlum 1/29 $.60/2  It’s on sale for $1.25 (after q $.65)
  5. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce- Smartsource 1/22 (last week’s) $.75/1 Sauce on sale for $1.65 (after q $.15)
  6. Wish Bone Salad Dressing-RedPlum 1/29 $.70/1  Dressing on sale for $2 (after q $.60)
  7. Lipton Family Size Tea Bags- RedPlum 1/20 $.50/1 Tea on sale for $2.74 (after q $1.74)
  8. Nivea Lip Balm $1.00 off –printable here. *you can print two, just hit your back button. On sale for $1.50 ($.50 after q)

*Remember that Harris Teeter will double any coupon up to $.99 everyday, they do limit you to 20 coupons per visit.  Also the coupon can’t say “don’t double” on it.

Another tidbit of savings, i  know i’m packing a lot of info in a little space and probably losing all of you. :/ But when you buy $15 worth of Unilever products (1-7 are all Unilever products) you automatically get $5 off your bill (see pic below)!

One last coupon thing, if you have an EVIC card (that’s the savings card for Harris Teeter) be sure you go to the website and load all the EVIC coupons on it.  From the list above for paper coupons, there is also a matching EVIC electronic coupon for almost all of the products!  The “ZVR” coupon from my receipt (in bold) was an electronic EVIC coupon.  That’s how i got my order so low. 🙂

One of my favorite things about Harris Teeter is the “reduced for quick sale” produce.  I don’t know why other stores don’t do this.  What it is- is a big baker’s rack with a bunch of produce that is bagged with a price tag on it.  It’s all around $1.  The bunch of bananas in the picture were $1.  The group of organic oranges were $1.  The apples were $1.50.   So if you make it to HT, be sure to look for the rack in your store.

That’s if for now.  I hope some of you can get your coupons together and make a trip! Also ask customer service for a rain check if they are out of a product to be sure you can get the sale price whenever it comes back in stock.




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