Super Doubles Start Today!

Super doubles started today at Harris Teeter and run through 2/21/12.  If you’re not familiar with super doubles, let me explain, because it’s to “super” not to know about it! 😉

During super doubles Harris Teeter will double any coupon up to $1.98 (unless the coupon is printed with “do not double” on it)! So if you have a $1.50 coupon, you’ll get $3.00 off! Isn’t that great?  They will also only double 20 coupons per day (so you’ll probably go more than once).

Here are a few websites to check out to find the whole run down of all the coupon match-ups: (this one you have to subscribe to and pay for, it’s really cheap though and VERY thorough)

My favorite is Southern Savers because it’s free, very user friendly and she is always posting deals from all around the internet!

Being the coupon freak that i am, i went to Harris Teeter this morning and here is what i got:

Here is what i spent:

So, i  spent $23 and saved $54.19!  You’re probably thinking, “wow, you did good!”.   I thought i spent a little much, or you’re thinking, “wow, you bought nothing, but junk!”.

So let me justify my $23.56 spent on nothing “essential”.  I have 3 boys and 1 man living in my house.  They eat, eat and keep eating! So, if i can get a summer style sausage for $.27, i will get as many as i have coupons for! Also, it seems my kids eat cereal and other breakfast items all day long! The mac-n-cheese is essential if you live with kids.  They love that stuff, me not really, but it’s good for when you have a babysitter, a play-date or a “special” lunch when they don’t want another sandwich.  The cookies? That’s all me, i have a huge sweet tooth!  The garlic knots, who wouldn’t want those?

 Let me know if you make it out to Harris Teeter in your area and how you do.

I’m sure i’ll go back before super doubles ends, so look forward to another post about it!


Till next time,


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