Want to update your patio with no $?

Sorry for my short hiatus, it’s been super busy around the King household lately. 🙂

Spring has sprung in TN super early! We’ve already seen many 80 degrees days and counting.  So it got me wanting to do something about my patio.  Clean it up, make it new and different!  So, first thing first, sell my old patio set to give me a budget to work with!

Here is my old set:Not to shabby after cleaning it up, but the set is 6 years old and the chairs have a lot of wear on them and i was bored with it.  I’m always wanting to change things up at home, i guess i get bored easy.  The wonderful neighborhood i live in has an email system where you can send an email to the whole hood at one time.  People use it all the time to sell stuff.  So i put my patio set out there and had it sold with in a couple hours for $125! 😀

Now i had my nice little budget of $125 to spend on my patio update.  Of course i’m not walking into any store with $125  and walking out with more than cushions to go with the furniture i don’t have.  So, you guessed it, i started stalking Craigslist for patio furniture.

I’m going to cut to the chase here, because i’m sure you’re busy like all of us.  Here is what i ended up getting:
Ignore the Adirondack chair in the corner for now (i’ll get to that in a minute) & how dirty my patio got in a couple of days from the previous picture.  Focus on the round glass table, 4 chairs, cushions, umbrella stand (under the table) and the 2 chairs with the pretty pillows  and their cushions.  See all those pretty, wonderful patio items? Good.  I don’t know the best, most exciting way to put how much i paid for it, so i’ll just say it, NOTHING! Isn’t that superb? It was free! God bless Craigslist!

Now, to the  2 Adirondack chairs with the rough green paint job.

They are in rough shape, but i love a project so i really don’t see this as a disadvantage!  I paid $30 total for these beauties!  Now they just need to be sanded and painted and they’ll be fabulous! I’ll try to remember to update with a picture whenever i get them done.

So, the moral of the story is, i sold my old stuff for $125 and updated my patio with “new to me” stuff for $30.  You do the math.


Till next time (promise it won’t be so long),



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