Aiden’s 8th Birthday Party!

My oldest son, Aiden, just tuned 8 on Friday.  He had chosen to go camping for his birthday so there would be no party for him.  I gave him many great options for an awesome party, but camping was still his request.  Fine, we’ll camp–no stress & no party to plan.

But, being a mom comes with quite a bit of regular, unexplained guilt.  So i started feeling guilty about not having a party for him, so i thought i should try to do both– party & camping.  I’d been racking my brain on what to do that would be cheap, easy and acceptable at the last minute.


I get an email from our local zoo (because we are members) it said there was a “Zoovie Night” on Friday, May 11th, Aiden’s actual birthday!  Most of my mom friends are zoo members too and the zoovie night was free for members!  By the way, Zoovie night is a movie played on a huge projector screen at night in the zoo after it closes (with inflatables, a DJ, food and games).

I send a quick Evite out to all of our family friends & his classmates to let them know that we’d be celebrating Aiden’s birthday at Zoovie night.  Then i start working on the details.  I’ve pretty much secured a location & entertainment for free, now to figure out food!


I go to my local warehouse store, i.e. Sam’s Club, and start picking out mass quantities of candy! I felt like a kid in a candy store! 😉 I got gummy bears, gum, popcorn bags, whoppers, tootsie rolls, pretzels, juice boxes, waters & tons of popcorn! I also found these great little containers that the kiddos would use to fill up with the candy of their choice at Walmart for $2.97 for 14 & lastly glow sticks on laniards. I also took a sharpie marker with me and wrote their name on the container so they wouldn’t lose it.

At this point i think i’d only spent around $30!  Then i started working on the darned “goodie bags”, which i wish was a tradition that NEVER had started, but i had found the perfect idea and expanded on it a little bit.


Ta-daa! These cost me roughy $.75 a piece to make. 😀  Here is where i got the idea from. She was even so nice to have a nice print out of the tag for the taking!  All that was left was the birthday cake, cupcakes to be exact!


This was straight up from Pinterest!  So, so cute!! I’ve never put so much effort into cupcakes, but it was fun & worth it!

All-in-all the birthday boy was beyond ecstatic with his party & it only cost me around $45! The kids loved filling up their containers with candy, the endless supply of popcorn, running around the big open space at the zoo & watching Rio in the dark! I even think the parents enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with their kiddos watching the movie! Image

You too can have a super cheap & awesome party for your kid! Just check out what’s going on around town for free that is family friendly & make it into a party!

Oh and camping got rained out–good thing i went with a party too! 😉

Till next time,



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